Migration Studies

Recent drawings examine hair care and beauty regimines within black femme culture. I am curious about how our personal and private routines (and the attendant products and purchases) exist within our imaginations, conversations, and stories, and further signal how we represent ourselves. Our routines are rituals wherein we honor our experiences and claim beauty standards existing beyond and before dominant narratives. I am curious about the time we take and how the money we spend moves in capitalist marketplaces. I am curious about how we talk back and tether ourselves to our mothers and children through this signifying. I am claiming the qualities of these ritual practices as drawing materials whose histories both trace and extend our lost languages and homelands. The drawing object becomes the mechanism by which different systems of value become visible and knowable. Photo documentation by Dan Kvitka.

Installation views at Littman + White Gallery, Portland OR

 © 2019 by Lisa Jarrett.

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