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But, why are you here?

Exhibition catalog for the exhibition But, why are you here? 

[Published by Russo Lee Gallery, 2023. ISBN 9798398464955] 

The exhibition catalog for But, why are you here? features the works of Intisar Abioto, Julian V.L. Gaines, Lisa Jarrett, Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe, and Samantha Wall. In addition the text includes a conversation among the artists and an essay by Dr. Kiara Hill, visiting Assistant Professor of Art History at Portland State University.

In preparation for this seminal group exhibition at Russo Lee Gallery the artists gathered on multiple occasions, seeking the company and conversation of Black artists living and working in Portland, Oregon. The catalog documents the time these artists spent together and contextualizes the time spent working as Black artists beyond their studios.

Catalog available at Russo Lee Gallery or on Amazon.


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