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In Equality (or Creative Credo No. 17)

In Equality is a participatory drawing project created in response to a call to artists to transform white supremacist texts like The White Man's Bible into works of art. The project includes: a triptych of panels that engage the cross-out poem (a method of writing poetry where one crosses out or redacts unwanted words from an existing text to create a new piece), and an interactive poetry-making station where participants work from pages of the books to create and share their own cross-out poems.

About Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate: In the 1990s, the Montana Human Rights Network began to research and organize against white nationalist groups, including one now called The Creativity Movement. In 2003, a defecting leader of that group gave the Network 4100 copies of books that promote anti-Semitism, violence, racism, homophobia, and bigotry. Network directors conceived the idea of transforming the books into art art as a tool to organize resistance to white nationalism.


They invited Helena’s Holter Museum of Art to curate the exhibition. Artists from across the country responded enthusiastically to our invitation to transform white supremacist books into thought-provoking works. The Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate exhibition and accompanying programs are designed to increase awareness, stimulate dialogue, and motivate positive actions for equal rights. 

Since it first opened at the Holter Museum in 2008, Speaking Volumes has traveled from coast to coast, to over 27 different museums and galleries. Source:

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