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Scores for Transforming Hate

In 2018 the Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate exhibit returned to the Holter Museum of Art in Helena, MT after traveling across the US for ten years. The museum decided to re-mount the exhibit to mark the ten-year anniversary of the project. I was invited to return to the museum as an Artist-in-Residence to teach over 400 of the area’s youth community about my work and the exhibit at large. This rare opportunity to connect my past work with my current practice inspired me to collaborate with these students to create a new exhibit, Speaking Volumes: Scores for Transforming Hate, in response. 


Participating students engaged with the work in Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate and then proceeded to design posters and zines for this new exhibit where their perspectives and interpretations could be shared with the public as an extension of the original show. High school students worked in small groups to develop zines that would be available to the public. Each zine focused on a selection of artists and artworks the students thought were essential to the idea of transforming hate. Ultimately, they functioned as scores or viewing suggestions for the exhibit. Elementary school students each created exhibition posters of their favorite piece in the show. We took over a small section of the museum to showcase the work that we produced together. 

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