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MATRIX Press Screenprints

During a 2023 residency at MATRIX Press at University of Montana I collaborated with founding director James Bailey and his team to make five screen-printed editions. The idea of limited possibilities for repetition clashing with the ongoing attempt to replicate an elusive idea keeps coming up for me in my practice. This group of work turned out to be largely about (and made with) play. My content seemed familiar and unfamiliar to me. I had no interest in visual cohesion between each edition, although that did occur, especially in Shoop and Love Hangover. They belong together.

Thanks to Jim, Jason Clark, Crystal McCallie, Orion Bos, Robin Dorsey, and Carrie Spradlin for spending so much time with me. Images of individual prints are below and documentation of making the work is here


Editions available from MATRIX Press and Russo Lee Gallery. Images courtesy of MATRIX Press.

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