Meditate on the Blank Space Below
Presented in Direct Path to Detour book and exhibit organized by Takahiro Yamamoto


Meditate on the Blank Space Below is an experimental essay created for Takahiro Yamamoto’s performance project, Direct Path to Detour, as part of Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) TBA:17. It is presented as a diptych and also appears in Yamamoto’s book Direct Path to Detour, which features the essay in a different format. Meditate is one of a number of works where I attempt to use a litany to organize otherwise unruly content. In my studio-based practice my objects often consider Racecraft (the process of producing race as a product of racism), how meaning is constructed, and how ideologies are reproduced over time. They highlight my own agency as author while asking viewers to consider their own roles in present-day race relations.